Fixed Income Investing With Capital 3PM

We have created a suite of non-market correlated, Fixed Income opportunities, exclusively distributed by Capital 3PM. We have designed our investment opportunities to give high net worth and sophisticated clients an option to diversify their portfolio, providing a hedge for those who have investments in the stock market and potentially more volatile investment vehicles.

Many private clients have historically invested in mass market retail products that have not necessarily been aligned with their investment needs. These ‘products’ may have been regulated, but have still failed to deliver successful returns for the investor. Capital 3PM prides itself on its due diligence and their long-standing relationships with the fixed income provider. All of our selected providers we currently raise capital for have 100% track record to date for both principal and capital repayments.

Capital 3PM does not provide financial advice and hence is NOT a Financial Advisor. We do not sell insurance products and savings plans. We provide a proven and secured Fixed Income product which is asset backed and secured. A large part of our business success is based on our two decades of establishing a global network of introducers and their clients. We work with private banks, family offices, wealth managers and sovereign wealth funds.

Why Should You Consider Fixed Income Investing?

Fixed income because...

  • The duration is fixed - Typically 12, 18 or 24 months
  • The income is fixed - Typically ranging from 8% - 12% per annum
  • The currency exposure is fixed, we call it hedged - Most of our loan notes can be accessed with GBP, USD and EUR
  • The underlying assets are fixed - Normally property or land
  • In some cases, we even get personal guarantees from the directors of the companies who are providing the loan note

And typically...

  • The loan note security is fixed - via a first legal charge and/or debenture (floating charge)
  • We only work with fixed income providers that have regulated entities appointed as Security Trustees.
  • The Security Trustee is an external entity that registers your security as an investor
  • By doing so, you have security against the underlying assets of the fixed income loan note
  • We only work with loan note providers that have 100% track record of delivering both returns and principal capital in full and in the agreed time frame.